1/10 RC Car 4mm Alloy Anti-Loose Wheel Rim Lock Nut 4pcs - Light Blue

  • $1.70

This is a Pack of 4mm Serrated Wheel Lock Nuts for Cars and Trucks with 4mm Axles. These new 4mm Wheel Nuts feature Dual Protection against the Dreaded ?????Wheel Loss????? found at RC tracks around the World. These Anodized Aluminum Nuts have deep serrations that dig into the wheel and provide a secure hold against the rigors of Racing and Bashing. The second layer of protection delivered by the Telfon Lock Ring that prevents the nuts from loosening due to vibration and centrifugal effects.??


  • Anodized Aluminum ????? Stylish and Light weight
  • Serrations that dig into the Wheel for Security
  • Lock Nut for Second Layer of Wheel Nut Security

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