Eurgle 2.4GHz RC 9Ch Receiver Rx + Satellite Board for Spectrum JR DSM2

  • $51.10


  • 9 Channels
  • Patent pending Model Match prevents flying a model using wrong model memory (Features does not work with module systems)
  • ServoSync (Features does not work with module systems)
  • Preset Failsafe System
  • Quick Connect
  • Horizontal-Pin Configuration
  • Red LED indicates number of hold
  • Compatibility (Spectrum and JR DSM2) : DX6I, DX7, DX9, DSX7, DSX9
  • Working Voltage : 4 to 1.0v
  • Wireless Simulator Interface (W.D.S.C), support REFLEXTR, G3, G4, G5 fly simulator

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