Infrared Wireless Ultra Bright LED Signal Indicator Light System for R/c Car

  • $21.90

Feeling trouble and annoying with wired LED indicator system when you need to take off the body for changing battery or repairing? Here we go. It is time to upgrade your LED indicator system to wireless!

This LED indicator system using infrared as the wireless connection. It comes with a infrared transmitter and a receiver for the connection. The range is only about 10cm. What does it mean? No interference concern even there is more than one car near to yours.

The battery box takes 3 x AA battery and it would be connected to the module receiver and the controller (transmitter) would be connected to the receiver (Rx) to getting the power.

Also, those LEDs can be connected to the main controller (transmitter) directly if you do not want to have it in wireless.


  • Wireless! No more messy wires inside your car!
  • Easy to install. Can be finished in mins!??
  • Much easier for changing battery or repairing while racing!
  • Infrared connection. Range is about 10cm. No interference concern!??
  • Simple binding. No extra work for binding with another set of LED in case there is another setup with another body!
  • Low power consumption.
  • Separated power source for LEDs (Battery box provided).
  • 3Ch control. Head light can be controllable with 3rd channel if your radio is available. (It simply remains ON if no 3rd channel control.)
  • Brake light, left/right indicators response according to your control to the car.
Additional Specification:??
Input voltage (Host): 4.5 - 5.5v
Working Current (Host): Less than 100mA
Input voltage (Receiver): 3.0 - 4.2v


Remark: Car body is NOT included. It is for reference only.