STM32F103 72MHz ARM 32-bit ESC32 Speed Controller for Multi-Copter / Car / Boat / Airplane / Helicopter

  • $36.50

Most standard ESCs are not designed for multi-chopper applications. Most ESCs are built and configured with an airplane application in mind, they are programmed to increase and decrease the throttle command towards the motor in a gentle way for obvious reasons. A motor fast accelerating and decelerating in an airplane or helicopter would either break the gears or put great stress on the prop and airframe.

Multi-chopper is different. We would rather have a total linear curve and able to change the motor speed, and thus the thrust, as fast as possible to achieve a perfectly stable platform.

While the current ESCs used in most multi-chopper applications work considerably well, there is a lot of room for improvement. Using the same ESC but loading it with dedicated optimized firmware will increase the handling and stability of your multi-chopper greatly.

This ESC32 is absolutely what you need!


  • The Best Speed Controller for Multi-Copter, Car, Boat, Airplane and Helicopter
  • STM32F103 72MHz ARM 32-bit Cortex(TM) M3 MCU
  • All N-FET design with gate drivers
  • 2S through 5S battery voltage
  • Option to power logic side via UART or PWM IN at +5V
  • CAN transceiver hardware support onboard
  • Firmware written completely in C
  • Cortex SWD connector pads for real-time debugging
  • Communications ports: PWM IN / UART / I2C / CAN Bus
  • Communications protocols: PWM IN / CLI / binary / 1-wire / I2C** / CAN**
  • 4KHz to 64KHz PWM out
  • Current sensing / limiting with real shunt resistor
  • Virtual current limiter
  • Regenerative braking (experimental)
  • Closed loop control modes
  • Lot of available RAM / FLASH for experimentation and development