The UAsurVeillancer First Person View Delta Wing Airframe

  • $139.00

Prepare for the ultimate experience with the UA-surVeillancer, the next- generation First Person View Delta Wing airframe.

Incorporating an aggressive shark fin rudder system for improved stability, the UA-surVeillancer is the ideal platform to be your eyes in the sky providing exceptional aerodynamics and a large electronics bay for UAV and FPV applications.

Featuring a vertical sliding gimbal mount for HD camera applications, the UA-surVeillancer's large and easily accessible FRP fuselage means pilots can reconfigure different electronics packages for the UA-surVeillancer quickly and efficiently.

With excellent gliding capabilities due to its lightweight materials and intelligent design, the UA-surVeillancer can stay in the air for extended periods making it suitable for recreational or commercial applications.

Forget VR, this is the real thing. If you want to experience the sensation of truly flying, you need to try FPV with UA-surVeillancer.

CG: 15 - 25% (Please note: the UAsurVeillancer has a high tolarance CG, you can set it up base of your preference)

Items NOT included:

  • Radio Gear
  • Motor
  • ESC
  • Propeller
  • Servo
  • Battery and Charger
  • Camera shown in the photo is not included
Version ARF
Power 1.4
Wingspan (mm) 1300
Wing Area (dm. sq) 30.4
Wing Load (g / dm sq) 10.55
Wing Type Delta wing
Wing Material Balsa wood (replaceable)
Fuselage Length (mm) 450
Fuselage Color No
Center of Gravity No
Number of Servo 3 digital servos
Recommended Motor 836 size kv1000 BL
Recommended ESC 60A
Recommended Radio No
Recommended Battery No
Propeller No
Net Weight (kg) 0.7
Free Shipping No
Color White
Package Type No

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