XP-12A Linear Brushless ESC

  • $25.50

  • Input voltage : 3V-13V ( support section 1-3 lithium battery )
  • Dimensions ( length x width x thickness ): 22x17x7 mm
  • Burst current: 15A ( less than 10 seconds )
  • BEC output: 1A/5V ( linear mode )
  • Continuous Current: 12A Weight: 8 g


  • Suitable for low-speed performance
  • Built-in linear BEC or switch mode BEC
  • The use of high-speed, small size MCU, and powerful
  • 3 throttle curve to choose from. Motor reverse setting
  • The programming card with LCD display , convenient and intuitive
  • Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers.
  • Up to speed:240,000 rpm ( 2 poles ),80,000 rpm ( 6 poles ) and 40,000 ( 12 poles )
  • 7 A,12A ESC supports a lithium battery, the minimum operating voltage as low as 3V.
  • The governor of multiple parameters can be programmed card or remote control settings.
  • There is a very good starting performance,great throttle linear and quick throttle response
  • MCU and BEC different regulator, independent of each other and improve the anti-jamming capability
  • Low voltage protection threshold and start- power cards can be programmed to quantify precisely set
  • With low voltage protection,over-temperature protection,throttle signal lost protection,motor starter protection,post and so on
  • Starting gently for 4 seconds super soft start function helicopters. When starting the helicopter , no significant impact and drift phenomena

Package include: 1 x XP-12A Brushless ESC