XT90 Male / Female LiPo LiFe NiMh Battery Connectors (5 pairs) Geniune - Yellow

  • $8.30

Like no other connectors, this one is already jacketed with the Sheath which is made by the Toppest Pouring-Mold Technics. Sheath and connectors are perfectly fit to each other.

Molding design simplified the installation, you can easily identify the correct position of the plugs. No way for Soldering Beginner? Sure not! Semi-Circle plug is good for beginner and so fasten the installation.

Please aware of Illegal Copy!

  • Jacket is Flexible but not for the Illegal one; Cracks easily found if under pressure.
  • In case of Fire; Flames soon gone out and area left in Grey for Legal Product. Illegal Product made up of inflammable material and so keep burning even apart from the Fire, area left as Black once the flames gone out.
  • Illegal Product is less Heat-resistant. With 60A current in 1 minute, it raises to 65 degree and start melting for 80A current; while Legal Product raises to only 36 degree with 60A current and 56 degree for 80A current in 1 minute.??



  • 100% Genuine
  • Refractory Nylon Sheath
  • Sealed Joint to make no vapor entrance
  • Non-Slip Design to make easier in removing and connecting plugs
  • Clear Positive & Negative Signal indicated