Discovery Mini UAV FPV Slope/Thermal Glider Soarer

  • $199.90

Product Features

  • Robust design for high speed flight but still slow enough for the smallest thermals.
  • Capable to deliver rapid climbs under power with exceptional glide and thermal performance.
  • Full chamber control is provided to allow you to maximize airspeed control while soaring.
  • Prebuilt chambers have been provided in the wing to install your VTX and RX for best separation.
  • Dual pod setup enables your pan camera to remain clear of the fuselage; but allows your nose to be viewed to ensure you head tracking is always behaving.
  • Easily disassembled into constituent parts for easy packaging and transporation
  • Pylon configuration make the model extremely stable for relaxing duration flights.
  • Strong wings that will prevent you over-stressing the model.  Capable of high speed aerobatics.

Product Specifications

Aerofoil MH32
Controls 6 channel
Length 80mm
Weight 1876g
Wing Span 1550mm
Battery 3 cell 2200mah lipo
Esc 20 amp esc
Flight Controller APM/PX4/MFD or similar
Motor 1100kv 28-30mm
Propeller 8x6 folding pusher
Servos 7 x 9gram servos

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