1/10 Lexan Clear RC Car Body Shell for LANCER EVCOLUTION X 195mm

  • $55.80


1/10 Lexan Clear RC Car Body Shell for LANCER EVCOLUTION X   195mm

Sku: CAR-CT-220607310

Specifications / items included:

  • Wheel Base:  258mm
  • Wheel Track / Width 195mm
  • Clear Lexan Body W/Rear Wing
  • With Light Buckles and Mirrors
  • Evolution X Decal Sheet
  • Window Mask

This listing is a transparent Lexan Car bodies, combo with the window masks and decals as shown on the photos

The Car body is new in manufacturers packing, all are covered with clear spray film.

Body is well finished and made of 0.75mm Lexan.

Remark : Sometimes shells are trimmed for freight purposes so excess plastic may be less than shown above.

This item will be Shipped in a Special protection  box (for safety) not a padded bag.

Remarks :

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