1/10 RC Car Alloy Magnetic Adjustable Stealth Rectangular Body Stand / Mount - Dark Blue

  • $15.70

Not confident to drill the holes for your car bodies? Want to keep it in perfect condition???

Feel not convenient to unplug the body clips to change your car body every time???

With this magnetic adjustable stealth body stand, all the above problems can be solved!??

You only need to install this to your car chassis and secure the magnet on the body with the provided double side tape. They can be holding together firmly! ??The angle of the mounting is adjustable for different shape of body.??


  • Easy to install.
  • Made of outstanding aluminum and durable.
  • Adjustable mounting angle for different shape of body.
  • Body poles no longer visible from outside. It makes the RC car look even realer.
  • Suitable for 1/10 RC Car.


Remark: The car and body are NOT included. It is for demostration only.