1/10 RC EP High Performance Mi4 Touring Car Carbon Fiber Chassis (Belt-Drive)

  • $300.00



  • New clamp motor mount to adjust motor centreline position and therefore side to side weight distribution. The car can be perfectly balanced with lipo or nimh batteries and provides symmetrical chassis flex.
  • New split rear transmission housing with options to adjust chassis stiffness, combined with new longer top deck design to optimise chassis flex and increase traction and corner speed.
  • New quick release layshaft design for ease of maintenance.
  • New ability to flip transmission to mount on other side to change weight balance for lipo or Nimh.
  • New optimised carbon fibre upper link design with options to adjust roll centres.
  • New centre point steering with forward facing balls to fine tune geometry. Fully adjustable Velocity Ratio, Ackermann Angle and Ackerman Rate.
  • New slim lightweight CNC machined diff and spool pulleys.
  • Ultra Low Anti roll bars, with New anti roll bar mounts with precise vernier adjustment to minimise play.
  • New wider offset O ring retained wheel hexes.

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