1/14 40ft 3 axle electric support leg skeletal container chassis and 20" container combo

  • $815.30

The 1/14 40ft 3 axle skeletal container chassis with electric support leg is compatible with all 1:14 RC semi-trailers including Tamiya. Drum brakes are pre-install on all wheels. The brake systems are controlled by individual servos which are pre-installed.

Skeletal Container Chassis features:

  • Braking system: Drum Brakes on all wheels. Drum brakes are controlled by servos. Electric servo actuated drum brakes. One servo per axle. Each wheels braking pressure can be adjusted individually using allen keys. Real drum brake mechanism on a 1:14 RC semi-trailers.
  • Twist-Lock: T-Standard. Total 12. Include 8 retractable.
  • Landing Gears: Motorized Support Legs. Capable of withstanding heavy load and shocks. Realistic retracting speed and adjustable leg height between 102-110mm.
  • Product Dimensions: 873L x 182W x 128H
  • Scale: Model scale in 1:14
  • Suspension: Leaf Spring, 2 Leaf
  • Kingpin: T-Standard; Adjustable Height Between 102-110; Manufacturer setting 106 +/-4; The height of the kingpin is adjustable between 102-110mm by adjusting the support legs traveling setting on the trailer.
  • Fender: One piece fender / removable
  • Side guard: pre-installed / removable
  • Axle: Three Axles with roll on bearings
  • Wheel Base: 628(Kingpin to 1st axle)+97(1st axle to 2nd axle) +/- 2 mm
  • Structure: Skeletal container chassis
  • Wheel Rim: Aluminium wheel
  • Tire: soft rubber tires
  • Tare Weight: 3420g (Battery and receiver not included)
  • Pay Load: 3750g
  • Gross Weight: 7170g
  • Lighting: 2 x braking and 2 x turn signal (LED lights not included)
  • Container Placement: 40ft x 1 or 20ft x 2 or 20ft x1 placing in the middle.
  • Control - Channel: 2 channels. One for Braking system and one for Landing gears.
  • Electronics: Individual receiver and battery are required and sold separately

Items included: One fully assembled semi-trailer with pre-installed braking system and support legs, ESC, and Servos

Not include: receiver, battery, decal

20" container features:

  • Aluminum frame with durable ABS front, top, and side panels
  • Alumimum board bottom panel
  • The container can be easliy attached and detached from the skeletal trailer
  • Compatible with all 1/14 trailer trucks e.g. Tamiya well-known 1/14 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution trucks

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