3.6-8.4v 20mA RC Aircraft Lost and Find Real Time Monitoring Device with Rechargeable Battery

  • $7.30

This buzzer is not just a ordinary buzzer. It comes with a rechargeable battery inside. The sound volume of the other buzzers in the market would be depending on the power of the battery. If the battery is getting flat, the volume will go down also which is not secure at all.??

In contract, this buzzer??overcomes this problem. The internal battery will be recharged automatically every time when it is connect to receiver to make sure it has enough power to drive even the battery of the aircraft is flat.??

It is also real time monitoring, if there is no signal or signal not change in 1.5min, it will give continuous Bi Bi Bi. If aircraft landed out of sight, it still can be found with the noise.


  • With backup rechargeable battery.
  • Super Loud.
  • Light Weight: 9g only.
  • Working Voltage: 3.6~8.4v.
  • Working Current :< 20mA.

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