3-Axis Professional Mixed Fiber Brushless Motor Camera Gimbal (Multi-chopper Version)

  • $621.80

This 3-Axis??Multi-chopper Gimbal is built with??pro-grade??quality material and??designed for??cinematographer to??achieve smooth and stable footage with the highest levels of precision.??Those main rods are made of carbon fiber with re-inforced fiberglass joint bones. 3 brushless motors have been pre-installed.??

This package is good for those who has his/her own gimbal controller board. If you want to upgrade your gimbal frame, this package is what you need!??

Also, this gimbal can be converted to the version for??Handheld use by swapping the head of the frame. (Conversion kit is optional)



  • 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal System
  • Supports A Multitude Of Cameras & Lenses (From Micro Four-Thirds To Red Epic Sized)
  • Convertable to Handheld version (Conversion kit not included.)
  • Main rods are made of pro-grade carbon fiber with re-inforced fiber glass joint bones
  • Light weight but durable
  • 3 brushless motor pre-installed
  • Can be installed with your own controller board


Note: Controller board is not included.