Eurgle 12A Brushless Motor ESC / 2A BEC Electronic Speed Controller

  • $15.90


  • Safety mode: the motor won't start no matter what the position of the control stick is when switched on the RC unit. When the throttle is not at lowest or Max position, it will sound by "di-di-di" for warning.
  • Brake: On / Off (factory setting is Off).
  • Battery type: NiCd/NiMh, LiPo.
  • Number of batteries: automatic (when setting Battery Type, the ESC will set Number of Batteries automatically at the same time)
  • Start up mode: Soft start up, Hard start up
  • Timing mode: Soft timing-for 2, 4, 6 pole brushless motors, Hard timing-for 6 and more pole motors, Auto
  • Temperature protection: the controller will reduce output power when temperature reaches 120 degrees centigrade
  • Low voltage protection: reduce output power when the voltage goes down below the setting (setting of low voltage is 2.8V times number of batteries)
  • 2A built-in BEC

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