EvvGC 3/2axis MOS Open Source Brushless Gimbal Controller with GY521 Gyro

  • $40.10


  • based on STM32 and MPU6050
  • STM32F103RC has enough processing power even for complex algorithms, and enough timers and other peripheral for 3axis control.
  • Controller uses mosfets instead of L6234. This allows to use small, light weight mosfets(sot23, sot363) for gopro controllers, and bigger mosfets(so8, D2PAK) for DSLR's, RED's and other big cameras.


note: professional used only,no diagram,please make sure you will?? know how to conenct it before purchasing.


Items Included:

  1. Gimbal controller
  2. Sensor cable
  3. GY-521 Gyro