Extra 300 RC Aerobatic Plane 1200mm ARF

  • $184.10

This ARF Extra 300 RC plane is designed for aerobatic and 3D performance. It is easy to control suitable for both beginners and professional pilots. Double-wing structure has a novel appearance and a lifting body design to improve the ability of gliding in the air.

The plane is made with quality balsa wood and strong prastic film. Propeller is included with this model.


  • Fuselage length: 1086mm
  • Wingspan: 1200mm
  • Wing area: 12.5DM Sq
  • Pull-right angle: 2 degree
  • Drop-down angle: 1.5 degree
  • Wing Sweep: 3 degree
  • Stabilator sweep: 3 degree
  • Aileron area: 3.6DM Sq
  • Elevator area: 4.7DM Sq
  • Rudder area: 3.0DM Sq
  • Aileron swing angle: 80 degree (up)/ 80 degree (down)
  • Elevator swing angle: 45 degree (up)/ 45 degree (down)
  • Rudder swing angle: 45 degree (up)/ 45 degree (down)
  • Distance between wing main wing and motor centerline: 41mm
  • Distance between stabilator and motor centerline: 42mm
  • Motor: 4018-950 KV
  • ESC: 40A
  • Servo: 4 x 16g
  • Function: Up / Down, Forward / Backward, Rollover

Items NOT included:

  • Motor
  • Servo
  • ESC
  • Radio
  • Battery
Version ARF
Power Electric
Wingspan (mm) 1200
Wing Area (dm. sq) 12.5
Wing Load (g / dm sq) No
Wing Type No
Wing Material Balsa wood
Fuselage Length (mm) 1086
Center of Gravity No
Number of Servo 4 x 16g
Recommended Motor 4018 950KV
Recommended Battery 3S 11.1V 2200mAh Lipoly Battery
Recommended Radio 4+ channel
Recommended ESC 40A
Recommended Propeller 13"
Net Weight (kg) 1.36
Free Shipping No
Package Type No

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