FlyColor 100A 2-6S SBEC:5.5V/4A Brushless Motor Programmable ESC for RC Plane / Glider / Helicopter

  • $66.00


  • Using powerful and high performance MCU processor. It can be programmed for different flying requirements.
  • Support unlimited rotation speed of brushless motor.
  • Support fixed speed.
  • Dedicated circuit design with strong anti-interference.
  • Starting mode can be programmed. The response speed of throttle is very quick and with stable linear of speed regulation. It can be used in fixed wing aircraft and helicopter.
  • Threshold values of low-voltage protection can be set.
  • With internal SBEC, the operating power to start steering engine is strong and the power dissipation is small.
  • Multi protection function: protection for abnormal input voltage / protection for low battery / protection for overheat / protection of lowing power when lost of signals from throttle.
  • Good safety performance under energization: the motor will not start at the time of power on regardless of the location of pull rod of throttle in controller.
  • Protection for overheat: the output power will lesson to half when the temperature reaches 100 degree during the operation. The output power will automatically recover when the temperature is below 100 degree.
  • Can be programmed via transmitter or programming card.
  • Set alarm sound and judge the working situation after power on.

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