FPV-Fever RC3000 Dual LED Spotlight Remote Control 3000mW

  • $17.30

This product uses high power LED lamp beads, and the use of a reflective lens, working high brightness, can achieve flashlight irradiation effect! Do not look directly into the light source when it turn on, otherwise it may harm your eyes.


  • High power LED bulbs
  • Adopts reflect lens design
  • Enhanced radiator
  • Controlled by R/C controller(compatible with all R/C controller
  • Cable length: 280mm
  • LED No.: 2 LED
  • LED power: 3000mW
  • LED diameter: 22mm
  • Input interface: JST female plug
  • Working voltage: DC 7.2v-8.4V(Should not exceed this range, otherwise it will cause damage)
  • Working current: 0.5A
  • Weight: 24g
  • Signal control: standard R/C controller PWM signal

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