Hifi-Delium Quantum USB-DAC Digital Amplifier built with High Quality components !!

  • $180.00

More and more new generation of Audiophiles are transformed from general music listeners, as of the Age of CAS (Computer Audio Source) getting more popular nowadays.

With the interests in playing our Lossless & high resolution audio source by the affordable CAS System, we have designed a Combo unit of USB-DAC with pre-amplifier, for which, deliver us a very natural and detailed sound stage, space-saving, easy to handle.

Audiophile, like you, could just sit back and enjoying your lovely music. No more headaches in setting up complicated hardware anymore. Richly detailed sound stage and natural tonal for computer audio listener. Especially in handling human voices, it really gives you a very fantastic feeling. In sound tests with a professional audio software and speaker, you were unable to find any other similar USB audio device capable to give you such a high standard.

Oshmens Audio USB-DAC features dual channel output of more than 70-watt power to the stereo speaker. That means total >150 Watt output. No need to worry about getting specific driver for Apple and Window computer, as it could work extremely well with all Mac OS or Microsoft OS (included 64bit).

The Quantum is an almost perfect USB-DAC Digital Amplifier for beginners of CAS, whom just want to enjoy HiFi quality music and songs in his/her office, workshop, bedroom & etc. Quantum is really compact and hassle free installation for YOU.

Some excellent features such as:

1. Designed with precise adjustment of the midpoint voltage and DC offset protection.

2. Indicator to monitor abnormal state of the amplifier’s power.

3. Slim design with perfect aluminum sealed enclosure with shock protection.

4. The R2-Power Delay could protect the circuits and ensure the safety of your valuable speakers.

5. The Special array of the PCB mainboard accommodate a feature of “3 in 1 integration” between amplifier, power supply, and circuit protection. This allows you to have a more reasonable electrical layout, a more superior circuit performance, as well as a more stable Audio system.

6. Excellent heat dissipation design. Only minor warm temperature could be felt , even you have turned on the Quantum for numerous days.



Quantum’s USB-DAC Digital Amplifier:

• Power rating output of >70W per channel.

• All-rounded - appropriate for any areas in house, company, and etc.

• More power and more thrust to support bigger Hi-Fi speakers (4-10inches)

• Perfect playback for human voice, soft music, symphonic music, pop, DJ, movies…


More about Quantum:

• Full-bodied, clear and natural sound feature is one of the utmost characteristics of Oshmens Audio Product range.

• Excellent quality of integrated circuits (IC) and electrical components as the fundamental.

• Excellent Circuit design provides you the best sound quality.


We focus on three main criteria in order to provide you with satisfactory quality of sound:

1. Stability:

All components that we use are imported from Well-Known Brand names suppliers. Other than that, we would run discharging tests on each of the capacitors and measure them with the LCR bridge, in order to make sure that they all pass the rigorous tests before we use them in the Quantum. Other components such as the relay, inductance, IC, and potentiometer are all carefully selected and making sure that they all meet our technical requirements and achieve very high standards.

2. Unique Circuit Design

Multiple improvements and reforms on the PCB array and the analogue circuit to achieve the best performances for the Quantum, making every penny of yours worth it.

3. Quality of sound:

We run a combo audio tests on the audio source as well as the speakers to make sure that the sound quality would be at the best level. We also test the parameters of the capacitors and the resistors, to ensure that they provide you with the best performances.


The reason why we invest such a long time and great amount of effort in ensuring the quality of these components is because, not only does the Quantum has the function of an amplifier, but it can also provide you a trendy life style.

Instead of purchasing an amplifier to admire how good the wave shape looks on the CRO, wouldn’t you prefer more to enjoy the wonderful music?

As an audiophile, like you, we understand that the only way to achieve decent performance for the power of your amplifier (including the vacuum tube amplifier) is to use classic circuits, and which takes a great amount of effort in tuning and perfecting the sound quality.

Other than the excellent circuit design and stability, we understand that reliability is also very important for our customers. This is why we would run various testings on different parameter as well as carrying out all kinds of heavy-duty testings for at least 48 hours on all the Quantums before shipment, make sure that they could meet all the performance and safety standards, before we deliver the product to you.

Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal! All customers’ purchase of our Quantum (USB-DAC Digital Amplifer) will be entitled to our dedicated one-year warranty program, as long as you could keep the Quantum & it’s accessories to be intact (ie. Without any physical damages & reasonable finishings).