Hobbywing Platinum-30A-Pro 2-6S ESC OPTO For Quadcopter with standard cable

  • $16.10

  • Output: Continuous 30A, burst 40A up to 10 seconds
  • Input Voltage: 2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 cells NiMH battery
  • BEC: Not available
  • Refresh rate of the throttle signal: 50Hz to 432Hz.
  • Max Speed: 210000rpm for 2 Poles BLM, 70000rpm for 6 poles BLM, 35000rpm for 12 poles BLM (BLM = BrushLess Motor)
  • Size: 55mm (L) * 25mm (W) * 12mm (H)
  • Weight: 31g


  • High performance microprocessor, best compatibility with all kinds of motors, highest driving efficiency
  • Optimized for multi-rotor aircraft
  • Smooth, linear, quick and precise throttle response
  • Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off protection / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection
  • The firmware of the ESC can be updated through the built-in USB adapter in the Professional LCD Program Box
  • User programmable
  • Multiple program methods supported: transmitter stick, Digital LED Program Card, Multifunction LCD Program Box, Professional LCD Program Box, PC software. Very easy to program the ESC at home or at the flying field

Package Included: 1 x Platinum-30A-Pro OPTO ESC

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