HOBBYWING XRotor Pro 25A Circular RED LED for Multicopter XRP25A - Red

  • $57.00


  • Brand Name: HobbyWing
  • Model: XRotor Pro 25A 3D Circular
  • Continuous output current: 25A
  • Instantaneous current (every 10 seconds): 40A
  • Drive mode: Square wave drive
  • lithium battery: 3-6s
  • Weight: 50.5g(Included Motor stand)
  • Size: 89.3 x 44.5 x20.9mm
  • Suitable for: Multicopters of 450~600mm Wheelbase


  • 1. Perfect match an outer diameter of 16mm carbon fiber tube machine arm, the installation is very simple.
  • 2. Electric seat adjustment built into the power machine, the wiring is simple, and has better dust, water droplets and water fog effects.
  • 3. ESC using dedicated multi-rotor core program, throttle response speed boost.
  • 4. Use DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization-- drive to maximize efficiency) technology, with Linear accelerator prepare better and higherdrive efficiency.
  • 5. Auto Adjust the angle, highly intelligent, the factory default settings to meet the vast majority of applications.
  • 6. Throttle signal line is a twisted pair, effectively reducing crosstalk within the transmission signal generated in the copper, so that more stable flight.
  • 7. It supports up to throttle signal frequency 621Hz, and is compatible with a variety of flight control.
  • 8. Electric bright LED lights embedded in the bottom of the tune, without adding extra lights for the multi-rotor aircraft.

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