Large size Delta 3D Printer Kossel Linear Guide version 3D Printer DIY Kit impresora 3d With 2.0G SDCard 1KG Filament

  • $459.80


  • Injection molded non-standard parts
  • Oxidized black aluminum profile
  • High performance control board
  • Double cooling fans
  • High quality extruder
  • Structural stability, appearance of simple, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Technical Specifications:

    • Layer resolution of 100 microns.
    • MAX Printing Speed: 150 mm/s.
    • Build size: Maximum 150mm*150mm*300mm
    • Full Metal E3D V5 long distance J-head nozzle Extruder.
    • Material type: PLA, ABS.
    • Material specifications 1.75mm or 3.0mm (default 1.75mm)
    • Positioning accuracy: Z 025mm, XY 125mm.
    • Printing Color: Single color.
    • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
    • Recommended extruder temperature: 190-210??C
    • Heating plate temperature: 70-110??C
    • Best ambient temperature: ???25??C.
    • Power requirements: 220V, 50Hz, 0.5-1.0A.
    • Connection: SD card or USB.
    • The file print format: STL,G-Code.
    • Compatibility: Windows, Mac
    • Device Package weight: about 9.5k

    Package includes:

    • 1x Full kit for kossel linear 3D Printer Kit
    • 1x 1kg 1.75 Filament PLA or 1x 12V 20A power supply (default send PLA filament);
    • 1x English user manual;
    • 1x 2.0GB SD card;
    • 5x 0.4mm nozzle;

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