Matek LED & POWER HUB 5in1 V3 Power Supply Board + BEC 5V 12v + Low Voltage Alarm+ Tracker

  • $9.40

Observing this integrated sub-panels, BEC-5V / 3A, LED lighting control, tracking, low-voltage alarm; particularly suitable for multi-axis / through the machine, and now a lot of multi-axis with ESC without BEC, the 5in1 integrated BEC 5V, can be connected directly to the receiver or the flight control, simplify wiring; can also be adjusted when using 4 ~ 6S battery BEC is 12V output, can give PTZ, image transmission, video cameras supply. With LED lighting control, with long light, slow blink, flash, three states can be remote lever switch freely; tracking, remote trigger lever beeps and LED flashes, easy to look for an opportunity; low voltage alarm, there is 3.4V, 3.5V, 3.6V cutoff voltage selectable;