SKYRC Model eN5 5A 50W LiPo / LiFe 4-8S Balance Charger

  • $37.20


  • SKYRC eN5 NiMH/NiCd Charger is an economic, high quality 100-240V AC charger, designed for charging NiMH and NiCad batteries from 4-8 cells. The circuit power is 50W and max charge current can reach to 5A. There are four kinds of charge current 1A/2A/4A/5A that can be selected. You could select the proper charge current according to battery capacity.
  • There is one LED indicating the charger status (ready to charge/charging/charge finish). The operation of the charger is also very simple. There is a toggle switch in the charger which can be used to select charge current. After you power on the charger, select the charge current, connect the battery and charger, the charger will start working.


  • AC Input Voltage: 100-240V,50-60HZ
  • Output Power: 50W
  • Charging Current (Selected by Switch): 1A,2A,4A,5A
  • Battery Type (Selected by Switch):NiMH/NiCd
  • Battery Cell Count: 4-8S
  • Current Drain for Balancing: 200mA
  • 1 LED for Charging Status
  • Dimension: 82.7*140.5*45.7mm
  • Weight: 305g