Walkera Googgle2 H500 head tracking 5.8G FPV glasses FPV video image transmission

  • $655.10

Walkera Googgle2 5.8G FPV Goggles Glasses,head tracking System,Compatible for QR X350PRO TALI H500 Scout X4 drones

Main parameters:

  • Image Resolution: actine array 3x640x480 pixels
  • Cell Size: 14.1um x14.1um / color dots pitch
  • Show project size: 9.0mm x6.8mm (diagonal: 0.44 inches)
  • Exit PupilDiameter: 25mm
  • Exit pupil distance: 25mm
  • Power supply voltage: DC-F 12V


  • Built-in 8-channel receiver 5.8G B segment
  • Can be used as standard AV signal output terminal
  • Composite video (NTSC / PAL) will be converted to the full VGA (60HZ) signal pattern
  • Center distance can be adjusted freely

Package includes: walkera goggle 2 x 1

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