Ballare-T RES Glider 2m wing span

  • $199.00

Ballare-T RES Glider Specifications:

Wing Shape = AG35
No. of Flaps = 2
Wingspan = 2000mm
Fuselage + Carbon Tail Boom , Length ~ 1325 mm
CG prototype = 72-75 mm
Neutral point = 95.9mm
HLW area = 4.14 sqm
Wing area = 33.5 dm.sq
Take-off weight = 490g - 630g

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**Welcome to the Exciting World of Hobby-Grade RC Gliders!**

Thank you for choosing one of our professional hobby-grade RC gliders. Our models are designed for enthusiasts like you, who appreciate the precision, performance, and the rewarding experience of building your own glider. We understand that building your RC glider from the kit can seem challenging, especially for those new to the hobby. However, we believe that assembling your glider is not just part of the process; it's an integral part of the hobby itself.

**Why Building Your Glider is a Valuable Experience:**

- **Skill Development:** Building your glider from scratch is a fantastic way to learn or enhance your skills in model building, electronics, and aerodynamics. It's an opportunity to understand the intricacies of your glider's design and function.
- **Customization:** As you build your glider, you'll have the chance to customize it to your preferences. This could range from the choice of servos to the color scheme, making your glider truly unique.

- **Performance and Satisfaction:** Our gliders are designed for superior performance. By building your glider, you ensure that every component is perfectly fitted, leading to an unmatched flying experience. There's also the incomparable satisfaction of watching a glider you built soar through the sky.

**Support Every Step of the Way:**

We are committed to supporting you throughout the building process. To ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable building experience, we provide:

- **Detailed Building Instructions:** Upon the arrival of your kit, we will provide URLs for you to download or view online instructions. These guides are designed to be clear and comprehensive, making the building process as straightforward as possible.

- **Customer Support:** Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. Whether you're struggling with a particular step or need advice on customization, we're just a message away.

Building a hobby-grade RC glider is indeed a journey, one that can be as rewarding as the first flight itself. We encourage you to embrace the challenge, enjoy the process, and become part of a community of enthusiasts who share your passion. Remember, the sky is not the limit; it's where the journey begins.

Welcome aboard, and happy flying!

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