Ballare-VX RES thermal Glider 2m wing span

  • $199.00

Ballare-VX RES Glider Specifications:

The same as Ballare-T , but with V tail  and  firewall for motor mounting, so it called Ballare-VX.

This is the 'Ballare-V' - 2mt RES Glider from "Oshmens Hobbies". This glider is running a 1400kv motor with a 7x6 prop & 850mah 2s battery. Total flying weight is exactly 600gms.Wing Shape = AG35

No. of Flaps = 2
Wingspan = 2000mm
Fuselage + Carbon Tail Boom , Length ~ 1325 mm
CG prototype = 72-75 mm
Neutral point = 95.9mm
HLW area = 4.14 sqm
Wing area = 33.5 dm.sq
Take-off weight = 490g - 630g

The followings are including 6 flying videos on a Youtube Playlist. Enjoy...!!!!


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