Camber / Toe / Steering / Caster Measurement Alloy Tunning Kit for 1/10 On-Road Car - Black

  • $91.20

Tuning your R/C cars can be a difficult process. This comprehensive measurement tool can make things simpler. Most of the parts are made of A grade alloy with nicely printed indications which are durable and easy read.

This package covers Camber Measurement (Front/Rear), Toe Measurement (Front/Rear), Steering Measurement and Caster Measurement.

Let?????s get your car in the best condition before race now!


  • Made of A Grade alloy.
  • Easy to read indication.
  • Ideal for 1/10 on-road cars.
  • Camber Measurement (Front/Rear).
  • Toe Measurement (Front/Rear).
  • Steering Measurement.
  • Caster Measurement.

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