HM Electronic Remote Control Switch Multi Channel Compatible TDF

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  • Switching voltage: 5V
  • Maximum current: 1A
  • Remote control model aircraft model plane multi channel electronic switch multi channel design, compatible with WFLY and Futaba.
  • Installation instruction: steering line plug is dupont line, color requirements, please note don't plug the plug in the steering line, otherwise it will burn the switch, the correct method is finding steering gear plug above triangle bullets, flanagan line is GND grounding wire, in turn a power cable and signal line.


  • 1.Signal recognition, after the igniter plug in the power supply, LED normally on said such as signal, and the signal is normal, if the LED flashing frequency in the 5 to 1 second,is no signal, if the LED light flicker frequency in the 1 to 1 second, said signal, but the signal is not normal.
  • 2. At the same time two or more smoke, as long as the smoke of heating wire connected in parallel, pick up the same JST plug can be achieved.
  • 3. Multiple points, two JST plugs are connected to smoke, playing a switch, point the first smoke. If you want to point the second, third, fourth, can repeat play a switch.
  • 4. 2 seconds automatically shut off the ignition function. Don't need to shut off the power after ignition, after 2 seconds will automatically shut down, try to avoid players worried that will affect flight operation.
  • 5. Light weight, almost no influence of aircraft weight, direct receiver power supply, ignition success rate is high.

Scope of application and basic functions:

  • 1. Suitable for remote control helicopter, cars, ships, fireworks and other wireless ignition color smoke. By specifying a channel to control the output current, stimulate the electronic igniter, and light color of smoke.
  • 2. Simple and practical, need not buy other ignition power supply and switch device, on the basis of the original igniter more secondary loop ignition and ignition automatic power off function after 2 seconds.
  • 3. The LED display working status, such as the receiver plug end lights, said receiving power supply is normal. Ignition end says more output power, is the state of ignition. Quench is closed for safety status.
  • 4. Suggest 5 channels or above with a switch with the remote control matching control.

Important notes:

  • 1. Try to use the remote control receiver input electricity, if ignition voltage is less than 4.8 V which is greater than 7 V, may result in equipment damage, firearms, the ban on direct contact with high voltage batteries receiver is usually 3A, 6 V.
  • 2. The ignition electronic ignition entered, be sure to confirm the remote control is on.
  • Pacage Includes: 1 x HM Electronic Remote Control Switch

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